Devry Math 221 Week 4 Homework Individual Development

WEEK 4 HOMEWORK 2 Week 4 Homework Part 2 Training Return on Investment (ROI) An organization lost 125 employees last year, at a cost of $5,000.00 each. (Value is derived from cost to rehire and fill opening, as well as lost investment in the employee.) You suggest that a one-time investment in a training program (costing $250,000 up front) will reduce turnover by 50%. Calculate the following numbers using historical figures as your assumptions. a. Total savings that the program stands to create:  Total cost of lost employee training – 125*$5,000=$625,000  Total savings - $625,000*0.5=$312,500 b. Net savings the first year in place:  Net savings - $312,500-$250,000=$62,500 c. Return on investment after one year:  ROI after 1 year – ($312,500-$250,000)/$250,000=0.25 or 25% d. Return on investment after two years:  ROI after 2 years – ($312,500*2-$250,000)/$250,000=1.5 or 150% e. Return on investment after six months (assume half of the employees/but all of the cost) (5 points):  ROI after 6 months – ($312,500/2-$250,000)/$250,000=-0.375 or -37.5% Cost-Benefit Analysis

HRM420  TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT Week 4 Homework Individual Development Plan INDIVIDUAL DEVELOPMENT PLAN Insert your company name here 1. Name (Last, First) 2. Current position 3. Department 4. Supervisor Bowker, Nichole Program Manager II Management Emily Mujwid elopmental Goals 7. Year 2 Developmental Goals 8. Year 3 Developmental Goals nowledge and skills Improve your level of efficiency and professionalism and work further toward your goals. Effectively communicate with your colleagues,your clients,y your Director. 9. DEVELOPMENTAL OBJECTIVES 10. PURPOSE 11. PRIORITY 12. DESCRIPTION OF PLAN DEVELOPMENTAL ACT (Include COST and DAT Accomplishment) Reduce the time to fill open positions to 30 days or less, resulting in a decreased monthly wage percentage. E 2 By June 2014 the amount o required to fill a position w 30 days or less. The only c would be to put ads in publ papers and for the new-hire training. With this done, th already employed should h less overtime hours, saving money.

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