Times Tables Homework Year 5 Anniversary

Wedding Anniversaries are a time for a couple to celebrate their love and the time they've spent together as man and wife. Traditionally, gifts are given to each other and to couples celebrating an anniversary. The Anniversary Table can be a useful guide in deciding what types of gifts to give for each anniversary. The Table includes both the Traditional Anniversary Gifts and the Modern Anniversary Gifts.

If you're looking for an anniversary gift for your girlfriend or boyfriend, the Giftypedia has put together a Dating Anniversary Table for couples who are dating and want to celebrate their anniversaries.

Traditional and Modern Anniversary Gifts

Printable Anniversary Table

AnniversaryTraditional GiftModern GiftAnniversaryTraditional GiftModern Gift
1stPaperClocks 30thPearlDiamond
2ndCotton China 31st - Timepieces
3rdLeather Crystal, Glass 32nd - Conveyances, Vehicles
4thFruit, FlowersAppliances 33rd - Amethyst
5thWood Silverware 34th - Opal
6thCandy, Iron Wood 35thCoral Jade
7thWool, Copper Desk Sets 36th - Bone China
8thBronze, Pottery Linens, Lace 37th - Alabaster
9thPottery, Willow Leather 38th - Beryl, Tourmaline
10thTin, Aluminum Diamond Jewelry 39th - Lace
11thSteel Fashion Jewelry40thRubyRuby
12thSilk, Linen Pearls41st - Land
13thLace Textiles, Furs 42nd - Improved Real Estate
14thIvory Gold Jewelry 43rd - Travel
15thCrystal Watches 44th - Groceries
16th - Silver Holloware 45thSapphireSapphire
17th - Furniture 46th - Original Poetry Tribute
18th - Porcelain 47th - Books
19th - Bronze 48th - Optical Goods
20thChina Platinum 49th - Luxuries
21st - Brass, Nickel 50thGold Gold
22nd - Copper 55thEmeraldEmerald
23rdImperial TopazSilver Plate 60thDiamondDiamond
24th - Musical Instruments 75thDiamonds, Diamond-
Like Stones, Gold
25thSilver Silver 80th - Diamond, Pearl
26th - Original Pictures 85th - Diamond, Sapphire
27th - Sculpture 90th - Diamond, Emerald
28th - Orchids 95th - Diamond, Ruby
29th - New Furniture 100th - 10-Carat Diamond

History / Origins of Anniversary Table

While not much has been documented about the Anniversary Table, historians have traced the silver (25th) and gold (50th) anniversaries to medieval Germanic Europe. It is said that the husbands presented silver and gold garlands on the appropriate anniversary, to their wives.

References have also associated the 5th wedding anniversary to the material wood, beginning around 1875.

In 1937, the American National Retail Jewellery Association created a list which associated a material with each year anniversary up to the 15th, then every 15th year up to the 60th. This is known at the Traditional Wedding Anniversary Table.

The Modern Wedding Anniversary Table seems to have been created by various commercial companies over the years. These list have been combined and introduce more contemporary gift ideas. This list also covers every year up to the 100th anniversary.

Substitutes for Furs (13th)

Substitutes for Ivory (14th)

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Yes, I’m all about the worksheets. And pencils.

But that doesn’t mean there aren’t times I loosen things up a little bit and amp up the creativity. Because no matter how much fun that old-school math fact practice can be, I know the munchkins need a change of pace. Color, sound, drama… Everything a really good math fact game brings to the table. Along with a really huge twist, an amazing “One More Thing” that I’m going to save for the end of this post.

There many online flash card math games out there, and if you’ve seen the same ones I have, they’re dreadful. Most of them reinforce the idea that you do a few math problems to earn play time, which to me is almost psychologically predisposing kids to think that math is a sort of chore, or even punishment. There had to be a way to make the math practice part of the enjoyment and part of the reward, not the drudgery that gets you to the (lame) prize.

What I came up with is something that I think is the opposite of these attempts at math fact misery. Pick your operation and give it a spin right here, or you can get to it from anywhere on the site using the ‘Math Flash’ entry in the menu on the top of the page…

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The levels in each version of Math Flash (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) are all tied to the Spaceship Math facts worksheets on this site. The levels start out with easier facts and gradually introduce new facts. You start with a set of the easiest facts for each operation, and subsequent levels add progressively more difficult facts to the mix. So the learning curve is incremental, but still rewarding for kids just beginning their journey of mastering a specific operation’s family of facts.

As I mentioned, you’ll also see that if you’re slow to answer facts or if you get some facts wrong, it’ll take more correct answers to get through a level. This means if you know the easier facts, you’ll move quickly to the next level. If you’re still struggling with certain fact families, you’ll get more practice on the problems you’re slow to answer. If you wind up not answer enough problems correctly on a level, the game will end and you’ll be given a link to the worksheet focusing on the facts you need to practice.

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When you reach the end, whether you made it all the way through or just started missing too many facts along the way, you’ll have created a unique piece of artwork that will make you feel like Jackson Pollock. You can share this creation on Pinterest or Facebook if you like (and if you would, I’d really appreciate it!)

Oh, and there’s one more thing. If you’re using Chrome on the desktop, and if you have a microphone, Math Flash will make use of the HTML5 Web Speech API to let you give answers to problems using your voice! When I built MathFlash, I wanted to recreate as much of that childhood flash card experience (sans the 70’s print couch) as possible, and this feels like an incredibly natural way to practice math facts. Kids without strong typing or mouse skills will find this is a great way to practice math at their own pace, and it’s really a showcase of what can be done in a web browser today.

You’ll need a reliable internet connection, and for now it only works in Chrome, however the other browsers will hopefully implement this standard soon. If you don’t have Chrome, you can still play by clicking on the correct answers.

I hope you’ll give Math Flash a try and make it a part of your summer math fact retention plans!

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