Gcse Spanish Work Experience Coursework


This is a post-GCSE course. As well as course book texts, you will work on video and audio materials in our multi-media language labs, and a number of Internet and other interactive sources. All language work is firmly linked to contemporary issues and life in Spain and other Spanish speaking countries. There are plenty of chances to develop your authentic Spanish. You will have small group conversation sessions each week with our Spanish assistant, and are encouraged to follow a week’s work experience in Spain. By the end of Year 12 you will be able to study short off-air news items in Spanish and make brief summaries. You will also watch and analyse some Spanish feature films.

Course Outline

There are 3 components:

Speaking: 21-23 minute discussion with examiner including 5 minute preparation time.

Listening, Reading and Translating: Comprehension recordings and texts based on authentic material.

Writing: 2 essays in Spanish on a book and a film.


No Coursework
Examination (100%)
Examining Board – Eduqas.

Special Entry Requirements

You need to have at least a grade 4 (C) in GCSE Spanish and must have done Higher Level. The great majority of entrants have a grade 6 (B) or better. These requirements are in addition to our standard A level entry requirements.

Prohibited Options

Students do not normally study more than two languages at A Level.

Career and Progression Opportunities

Joint degree combinations are very popular, for example combining Spanish with another language, or Law, English, Business, Tourism, or indeed a wide range of other disciplines. Students going on to employment or training progress into areas such as retail and leisure and tourism.

Teaching Methods

You will develop language skills in a wide variety of ways, making full use of our two Multi-Media Language Labs and drawing on a range of sources from course books to Internet and satellite TV. In class you will carry out a lot of pair and group work designed to build up your communicative skills. Our VLE also has a range of interactive exercises including vocabulary learning and listening work. Each week, in addition to mainstream lessons, you will have contact with a native speaker through small group conversation sessions. We ‘bridge the gap’ from GCSE to AS level with considerable study skills support, and by Year 13, students are able, for example, to write confident summaries of off-air news items in lunchtime workshop sessions.

Course Activities

Students can undertake a work experience placement in Spain via Halsbury Work Experience.

Cost Implications

Approximately £12 for a good bilingual dictionary. A work experience placement starts from about £500. You will also need to buy the set text in Spanish (approx £10).

Complementary Subjects or Enrichment Courses

There is the option to do a GCSE in Russian.

Other Information


This information is correct for September 2018 entry.


Spanish resources for GCSE

The new GCSE (2010) has encouraged me to re-fresh my existing Spanish KS4 resources. As well as additional resources to develop speaking skills, in particular spontaneous talk, I have also been keen to integrate skills as much as possible in my teaching, both to save valuable class time and also because it seems to make sense for teaching and learning. One example of this is to test vocabulary through sentence-based gap fills, which promote comprehension skills as well as testing individual word knowledge. This is definitely a work in progress and I plan to upload lessons as I teach them during the year. The first section includes the schemes of work, and other useful documents. The second section has the vocabulary challenges and will be added to each week. The final section has the lesson resources, organised according to our SOW, which follows the Edexcel specification.

GCSE Spanish lesson resources - Year 10 Term 1 Sport & Leisure / Media & Culture
Week 1Personal Id revision and question-forming
Lesson 1, Lesson 2 ,
Desafio 1
Week 8 Repaso
Lesson 13, Lesson 14
Week 2Present tense verbs and expressions of frequency
Lesson 3Present tense homework
Week 9 Technology
Lesson 15
Week 3Television
Lesson 4, Lesson 4 Handouts
Lesson 5, Notes Gustar
Desafio 2
Week 10 Repaso
Lesson 16
Week 4Cinema
Lesson 6, Lesson 7
Listening & Writing activity, Speaking activity
Week 11 Examen oral - AfL
Lesson 17
Week 5 My free time
Lesson 8, homework, Lesson 9, Speaking activity
Week 12 Sports
Lesson 18, Deberes, Lesson 19
Week 6My free time - pocket money
Lesson 10
Week 13 Sports
Lesson 20
Week 7 Sports
Lesson 11, Lesson 12
Week 14 Sports
Lesson 21, Lesson 22
GCSE Spanish lesson resources - Year 10 Term 2
Week 1Sports
Lesson 23, Lesson 24
Week 8 Film & media
Lesson 30, Lesson 31
Week 2Sports
Lesson 25
Week 9 Film & media
Lesson 32, Lesson 33
Week 3Sports
Lesson 26, Lesson 27
Week 10 Film & media
Lesson 34, Lesson 35
Week 4Deportes & repaso
Lesson 28
Week 11 Repaso
Lesson 36, 36-print version for students,Lesson 37
Week 5 Time for CA assessments. Week 12 Remaining time given to CA assessments.
Week 6  Week 13  
Week 7 Film & media
Lesson 29
Week 14  
GCSE Spanish lesson resources - Year 10 Term 3
NB: During the summer term of Y10 I shared the planning and teaching of the Holidays module with an excellent ITT student. Consequently some of the materials shared here were created by her and she in turn drew inspiration from some excellent materials on the TES website. Where they exist, I also share detailed lesson plans.
Here is the SOW we created to share the planning: Y10 Vacaciones SoW
Week 1De vacaciones - lo más importante para mí
Lesson 1, Lesson 2, Lesson 3 , Vacaciones - core language sheet
Week 8 Vacaciones - los famosos
Lesson 16, Lesson 17
Week 2Vacaciones - Preferencias
Lesson 4, Lesson plan, Listening text, Worksheet 1, Adverbs + sentence-building, Reading folleto, Reading questions
Lesson 5
Week 9 Vacaciones - Repaso
Lesson 18, Lesson 19
Week 3
Vacaciones - Presente, El tiempo
Lesson 6, Lesson plan, Que tiempo hace worksheet, Fanfold vocab, Acrostic poem, Reading texts, Reading questions, Gap-fill translations
Lesson 7, Tandem sheet Week 10 Vacaciones - Repaso
Lesson 20
Flashcards 1-12, 13 - 24, 25 - 36, 37 - 48Week 4Vacaciones - Alojamiento y transporte
Lesson 8
Lesson 9, Lesson plan, Sports vocab, Video clip response sheet Week 11 Y10 absent from school - Work Experience Week 5 Vacaciones - descripción en el pasado y el presente
Lesson 10
Lesson 11, Lesson plan, Q&A match up, Reading - hotel review, Trip advisor worksheet Week 12 Y10 absent from school - Work Experience Week 6 Vacaciones - en el pasado
Lesson 12
Lesson 13, Lesson plan, Reading - past tense, Writing taskWeek 13 Prácticas Laborales
Lesson 1, Lesson 2
Mundo laboral - core language sheet
Workbook , (pdf version) Week 7 Vacaciones - en el pasado
Lesson 14
Lesson 15 Week 14  GCSE Spanish lesson resources - Year 11 Term 1 Week 1Asignaturas y opiniones
Lesson 1Week 8 Planes para el futuro
Lesson 7bLesson 8Week 2Cómo describir el instituto
Lesson 2 Week 9 Una entrevista
Lesson 9 Week 3Cómo describir el instituto
Lesson 3 Week 10 Una entrevista
Lesson 10Week 4Un trabajo a tiempo parcial
Lesson 4 Week 11 Repaso
Lesson 11, Reading Practice questions Week 5Repaso
Lesson 5 Week 12  Week 6 Planes para el futuro
Lesson 6Week 13  Week 7 Planes para el futuro
Lesson 7 Week 14  GCSE Spanish lesson resources - Year 11 Term 2 Week 1 Week 8  Week 2 Week 9  Week 3 Week 10  Week 4 Week 11  Week 5  Week 12  Week 6  Week 13  Week 7 < Week 14  GCSE Spanish lesson resources - Year 11 Term 3 Week 1 Week 8  Week 2 Week 9  Week 3 Week 10  Week 4 Week 11  Week 5  Week 12  Week 6  Week 13  Week 7 < Week 14  


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