Nmu Housing Assignments

Housing and Residence Life receives complaints at various levels within the department - resident advisers, community advisers, resident directors, the coordinator of apartment services, directly to the office - typically by phone or email, or forwarded by another department.

Most complaints and grievances pertain to roommate or neighbor relations and are expressed to and resolved by resident advisers and community advisers, with oversight and/or assistance of a resident director or the coordinator of apartment services. Sometimes these issues develop to a point that they require involvement by a supervisory staff member from the central office.

From time to time complaints or grievances concerning roommate or neighbor relations are phoned or emailed to the central office. In these instances, the appropriate central office staff member works with the appropriate resident director or the coordinator of apartment services and their staff member(s) as deemed necessary to assess and resolve the matter. Some interpersonal matters such as these can be resolved relatively easily and quickly. Others are challenging and may take days to be accurately assessed and resolved and may require that at one or both of the students involved move to other student housing.

Complaints or grievances pertaining to assignments, billings and/or charges, departmental policies, procedures, practices, or services are typically phoned or emailed to the central office (at housing@nmu.edu). These are investigated and resolved by appropriate office and supervisory staff and are usually resolved within one or two work days.

Facility related issues (e.g., temperature, dripping faucet, burned out light bulb, etc.) are usually resolved through the department’s maintenance request system, which is accessed through the Housing Portal via MyNMU.

Requests for routine maintenance service after hours or on weekends are typically reported to a Housing and Residence Life staff member, including those working at a service desk, but will sometimes be called in to Public Safety and Police Services. When called, Public Safety and Police Services staff will follow the procedures outlined in the Housing and Residence Life After-Hours and Weekend Maintenance Procedure.

If you have a question, issue, or concern you wish to have Housing and Residence Life staff help you with or respond to, please contact us at housing@nmu.edu or call our office at 906-227-2620.

Updated:  July, 2018

To contact the Housing and Residence Life Office, e-mail housing@nmu.edu, call 906-227-2620, or fax 906-227-1423.  You can also use our request information form to ask us a question or provide comments.

Campus Location

The Housing and Residence Life Office is located at 3502 C.B. Hedgcock, which is accessible from both the Seventh Street and Tracy Avenue entrances, and is building No. 9 on the campus map.

Mailing Address

Housing and Residence Life Office
Northern Michigan University
1401 Presque Isle Avenue
Marquette, MI  49855

Office Administration

Jeff Korpi, Director
3502 C.B. Hedgcock
Phone: 906-227-2620
E-mail: jkorpi@nmu.edu

Alexandra Marshall, Assistant Director
3502 C.B. Hedgcock
Phone: 906-227-2622
E-mail: amarshal@nmu.edu

Travis Reamer, Assistant Director Facilities
3502 C.B. Hedgcock
Phone: 906-227-1087
E-mail: treamer@nmu.edu

Megan Niemi, Coordinator of Residence Life

3502 C.B. Hedgcock

Phone: 906-227-1083

E-mail: meniemi@nmu.edu

Rocco Carello, Information and Technology Administrator
503 Cohodas
Phone: 906-227-1081
E-mail: rcarello@nmu.edu

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