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I am having issues with multiple systems where a particular dimmer will stop responding after some time. The lights work well for a few days, then all of a sudden, the dimmer will no longer respond - either as part of a scene, or pressing the dimmer directly. On the dimmer itself, the bottom three lights light up when it is pressed. This shold not be an out of range issue as the dimmer is within 8 feet line of sight to the Master repeater and there are multiple sets of switches operating without issue. The only way I can get the dimmer to respond again is to remove power from it (using the service switch) and replace power which appears to reboot the device. This has become a huge issue for one of my clients as the dimmers are located in an electrical room in the basement.

In all cases, this appears to be on LED loads. However, the same type of LED load works fine on at least 50 other circuits.

Could this be a malfunctioning dimmer?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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