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When you’re in high school, it’s challenging enough to plan for the next week, let alone the next 10, 15, 25 years. But if a high school student had the foresight to look ahead that far in the future, and even further down the road, they would undoubtedly see the importance of having a high school education. Rather than leaving it up to the near-sighted adolescent to decide, a law should be enacted mandating that all American residents and citizens complete a high school education. After all, it’s free to the public (or paid for with taxes) kindergarten to the 12th grade. And it’s probable that most people who drop out before graduating from high school tend to lead lives of struggle, financial hardship, and criminal troubles, too. 


To begin with, a high school diploma should be the standard in America, because a solid high school education lays a solid foundation for the rest of a person’s life. In high school, as well as the years leading up to high school, a student learns the basics, of course – reading, writing, and arithmetic – but also how to do many other skills that will serve them well as working adults. The school prepares a person to be a responsible, resourceful adult. In school, whether a student realizes it at the time, they are developing quite valuable skills and learning important information. When a person finishes high school, they can do just about anything an adult person needs to do to survive and live a good life – read road maps and plan a trip; understand contracts and agreements, as well as read directions on how to assemble something; balance a checkbook, research how to solve a problem. A high school education is imperative for everyone looking to survive adulthood.

Ultimately life is disease, death and oblivion. It's still better than high school. - Dan Savage

Secondly, a high school education provides a person with the knowledge and fundamental skills needed to get a job as an adult; therefore, it should be made mandatory. To survive in America as an adult, one needs a decent-paying job – and to get a job that pays even the minimum wage, a person generally needs a high school diploma. Take, for example, a gas-station attendant. They work with money most of the day, so they must have a strong foundation in math – a skill taught in school from the very beginning, up until the more-advanced math courses in high school, such as algebra and statistics. Even gas-station attendants are generally required to have some basic knowledge of technology to work the money machines. Nowadays, students begin working on computers from a very early age, in elementary school, and they’re taught more advanced computing skills in high school. Also, attendants each day must communicate information to customers and supervisors alike. Communication skills are created and developed through one’s schooling, through writing papers, engaging in discussions, reading, researching and conversing. Without a high school education, a person lacks the necessary skills to be successful as an adult. 

Thirdly, a high school education should be mandatory for all Americans for another important reason: the entire point of education is to establish the intellectual foundations needed to be self-educated. In other words, when a person graduates from high school, they possess the intellectual and informational resourcefulness one needs to teach him or herself just about anything. Naturally, there are tons of people with just a high school education who have gone on to become very successful individuals in just about various fields and industries. Due to their educational foundation, however, they are self-learners capable of mastering any task and challenge they face as adults.


To conclude, there should be a law that makes a high school education mandatory for all Americans; that is, a person should be penalized for not finishing high school and getting their diploma. A lack of education hinders an individual, which hurts the economy in the long run – which in turn hinders a country from moving forward and flourishing. It gets left behind. One may go as far to argue how Americans should be legally required to have some sort of post-high school education – whether a college degree or at the very least some sort of specialty education, an apprenticeship, if one prefers the less-academic route. Either way, a high school education is necessary for anyone required to work for a living. It’s imperative for success.

Knowing how to structure and write an argumentative essay is crucial to the success of your paper. There are multiple types of essays such as expository, narrative, descriptive, persuasive or argumentative, each with its own requirements. Make sure you do not mistake an argumentative essay for another type.

There are many online companies that offer college essay writing service where you can buy an argumentative essay written according to your requirements. But also here you can find examples of essays that can help you have a clear understanding of how an argumentative essay should look, making your work easier.

Ana argumentative essay should have a clear argument and relevant evidence to support the main idea. It should convince the reader of a particular stance, providing a thorough overview of a topic, making him/her agree with the author’s point of view.

For an argumentative essay, you need extensive research and investigation into the main topic. You should be able to support your ideas and show the reader proof that your view is the best option over others’. You have to familiarize yourself with all the sides of the topic because you will also have to present the counter arguments to your own view.

You also have to understand the purpose of your essay. The goal of an argumentative essay is to try and sway the reader’s opinion on a certain subject. Make sure you know exactly the desired outcome of your paper before you start writing it. If you are not able to write it by yourself, you can buy argumentative essay on ThePensters.

Choose a topic

Pick a topic that is arguable to be able to support a debatable issue. For example, it would be futile to try to write an argumentative essay on the theme ‘Exercise is good for you’ because it will be almost impossible to give contradicting views on this subject. Everybody knows and agrees that exercise is good for them.

Find a subject that interests you and you spend less time to research and write the essay. Do not pick a topic that is too obscure or overdone. Another important aspect is to know which your audience is. Are you writing the paper for the class, for your teacher, for a presentation in front of a larger group? Always think where the audience is coming from, they age, their knowledge on the topic, etc. You also have to use different language when you address diverse groups of audience.

Research and sources

You can find reliable sources in the library and on the internet. Make sure you cover all the views of the topic, because the purpose of an argumentative essay is to offer a well-rounded overview of all the aspects of the subject. Ask the librarian to help you find reputable sources for your argument and which provide up-to-date and accurate information. If you want to make your paper more credible, you should include quotes from scholarly sources such as experts in the field and don’t forget to cite the sources if you do not want to be accused of plagiarism.

Structure your argument

Start with a catchy and original title to hook your audience and make them want to read more. A good title is like a preview of what the essay will be about.

The introduction should briefly explain the topic of the paper, including relevant background information to make the reader familiar with the topic. At the end of the introductory part, you should include the thesis statement, which is a concise idea that sums up your opinion on the issue. Stay away from the standard 3-part argument, as this limits and constricts the shape of your thoughts.

The body of your paper should present both the arguments and counterarguments of the topic. You should acknowledge evidence to support the opposition, but at the same time use strong evidence to sustain your claim. Avoiding information just because it contradicts your ideas is not ethical, so include counterarguments but explain to the readers why your viewpoint is more accurate and logical. Do not present the opposing views as being wrong. This could alienate the reader.

The purpose of the conclusion is to reassert your ideas and persuade the reader to support your argument. Review the most important points in the thesis, but do not introduce new information.

Following this essay template will help you write a persuasive argumentative essay. Do not forget to proofread and apply final touches to your paper.

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