My First Day At School After Vacation Essay

I was SO not looking forward to the first day of school on Monday!!

For one thing, I had a HORRIBLE nightmare the night before. Of course it had to do with MacKenzie being totally evil and obnoxious.

I only ran into her a couple of times over the summer. Not seeing her much was all kinds of awesome!

I saw Chloe and Zoey a ton which was even MORE awesome.

But the summer being over…SO not awesome!

Last week my mom took me back-to-school shopping at a lame department store, and we stocked up on cheap polyester tops.

I begged her to go to the mall before we left, but she was all like, “Nikki, will you go check the backyard?”

Then I went, “Um, ok…for what?

And she said, “To see if the money tree’s in bloom!”

My mom thinks she’s SO funny sometimes, but the only one who ever laughs at her jokes is dad….and I’m pretty sure he only humors her so she won’t make him do the dishes!

I wore this blue top with jeans on the first day, and I did my hair in a fishtail braid because I thought it would look super cute.

When I got to my locker in the morning and didn’t see MacKenzie, I thought the day was off to a great start!

Then I went to first period English. MacKenzie strolled in late and sat RIGHT behind me. It was like sitting in front of a bear waiting to be mauled…that’s how I felt. You can’t trust that girl!!

She didn’t whisper anything obnoxious through the whole class, and I thought maybe she matured over the summer.

Nope! She didn’t whisper anything rude because she spent the class blowing spitballs into my braid!!

I realized it halfway through class when I went to the bathroom. My braid was FULL of wet, gross papery chunks!

I decided to just take the braid out since it was all kinds of nasty, so I stopped at my locker to get this clip I was going to put in instead.

Right as I was about to the close the door, I saw Brandon at the other end of the hall walking toward me, and it was like in slow motion, with wind blowing through his hair and stuff.

He was kind of far away, so I couldn’t tell for sure, but it looked he was carrying flowers.

OMG I was so excited!! I mean, how sweet would it have been if he bought me back-to-school flowers?!?

But then the bell rang and TONS of kids filled the hallway in front of him. I waited for a bit, thinking he’d eventually walk up to me, but the bell rang again and he was gone!

I sat with Chloe and Zoey at lunch and asked if either of them had seen Brandon.

Chloe was like, “I saw him…holding flowers!! I wonder who THOSE could be for…”

Then she made little kissy noises. I’m pretty sure I turned BRIGHT RED!

I had gym after lunch (which is just really bad scheduling…mystery meat + aggressive dodge ball = super close to hurling!)

FINALLY I saw Brandon! And then I saw his flowers…siting on the desk in our gym teacher’s office!

I had NO idea why he gave her flowers, but he caught me staring at them…right before Jessica threw a dodge ball DIRECTLY at my head!

I was so embarrassed!

After class, he walked up to me and was like, “Hey Nikki. Are you okay?”

So I said, “Oh, hi, yeah.” Then I thought to myself, “Don’t mention the flowers, don’t mention the flowers,” and immediately said, “Nice flowers!”

The ONE thing I told myself not to say!

Then he went, “Oh yeah, they came to my science class by accident, so my teacher had me bring them here…someone sent them for the new gym teacher’s birthday.”

OK, so that made sense. But how cool would it have been if they were for me??

Maybe some day 🙂 You think??

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My First day at School

April 16, 2015 by admin_kids

Subject: Essay/Speech on “My first day at school”
Mode: Easy
Grade- 2
Target Age Group: 6-10Years
Total sentences: 21
Contributed By: Shraddha Sunil Jose, Hindu Senior Secondary School Chennai

It was my first day at school. I had a new bag, water bottle, new books, shoes and socks and also a Dora shaped tiffin box. I was happy about going to school with all these new things, but what I felt sad about was that I had to make new friends too. I wouldn’t mind if I had old friends. So, I ran to the prayer room before leaving the house to ask God to find a friend for me that day itself. I felt that my first day of school would be very boring- sitting all alone only copying the notes and looking at the others talking and laughing with their friends. I reached my classroom. All were looking at me since I was new. Thank God! the teacher came fast, since all were shouting. We had to introduce ourselves. After I introduced myself and sat in my place I suddenly heard a small voice from my back. Somebody said, “Excuse me” and I turned around. To my surprise it was a beautiful girl. “Yes” I said, and then she asked me if I could be her friend? I was so happy that I couldn’t stop myself from saying yes. A friend on the first day of school itself!!After reaching home I ran to the prayer room knelt down and thanked God because before going to school I had asked God to find a friend for me that day itself. Her name is Beth. She is seven years old and her birthday is on 13th May, the same as mine. We are good friends now and from then on we do many activities together. We are and always will be best friends forever.


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