Social Media Dissertation Questions

A Collection Of Interesting Dissertation Topics On Social Media

If there is one thing that has actually changed a lot of things in the society that we live in today, it has to be social media. There are a lot of people whose lives have been altered in ways that would barely have been possible a few years back. Such is the power that social media has had in the world since its inception.

The uptake was not really that fast, but since the likes of Facebook and Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, so much has changed, businesses are online and interacting with their clients more than they used to in the past. Even politicians are using social media to solicit support from their electorate and so forth.

You might be asked to write a dissertation on social media, for which you have to come up with a catchy topic. If you follow this link, there is a good chance that you will be in a good position to learn some useful hints to get you going. The following are some interesting topics that you can work with:

  • Discuss some of the procedures that you would have to follow when coming up with a good social media strategy

  • Explain the different types of social media blogs, and what makes them unique from one another

  • Highlight and discuss the important social media metrics that are necessary for a successful marketing campaign online

  • Discuss what has often been referred to as the reality of social media, highlighting how this has in the past had a lot of people fail to understand the kind of smokescreen that their interactions online have been reduced to.

  • Explain the connection between business and social media, and how the two subjects are interrelated

  • Discuss the important role that social media plays in social movements today, citing relevant examples of how this has worked in different parts of the world

  • Discuss the negative impacts of being on Facebook

  • Discuss the risk and rise of social media libel

  • Explain how access to social media is affecting teenagers

  • Discuss some of the challenges of the use of social media in making employment decisions

  • Discuss how small businesses are able to benefit from the use of social media

  • Compare and contrast the different forms of social media available

  • Discuss why marketing on social media is currently one of the most important things for any business.

Dissertation Topics Related To Social Media: Top 20 Suggestions

Well if you need to write a dissertation, the topics you can choose from are endless. There are so many options I wonder how are you going to pick it. Here are a few suggestions regarding social media, which are such a big part of our lives today. For some people, it’s more important than social interactions itself, so this is a huge topic to write about.

  1. The bullying done on the internet. It has become a big problem for young kids today, and the internet is a part of this. Although it doesn’t do any physical damage, it does a lot from a psychological point of view.

  2. Solving problems from real life with social media. It can create awareness on every way possible, so it can solve a lot of problems.

  3. How did your page become “strong”? There are tons out there, what does a successful one have extra?

  4. What is your view on social networks being used in your line of work? Or the one you want to pursue?

  5. How does social media impact the human brain?

  6. How social networks affect a kids brain? Since they are much easier to influence, it can become quite a problem for many of them.

  7. Does the online world slowly replacing social interactions?

  8. Is there such thing as “fame” on the Internet?

  9. >Why the Internet can influence humans so much?

  10. What does social media have in common with real interactions?

  11. How do people react on the Internet and how do they react in real life in certain situations?

  12. The dangers kids face when using a popular website.

  13. Fake account and what is it used for.

  14. Why does nudity sell? Especially on the Internet, the more naked you are, the more likes you get.

  15. How does social media impact our work life? How about our love life?

  16. What does it take to pursue a career in this field?

  17. Some strong examples on social media workers and their success so far.

  18. These networks have a “target audience”, or they are open for everyone?

  19. How can someone use social networks as a means of manipulation? It’s happening right now, might as well get people well informed about it.

  20. How does someone improve his social skills?

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