Ajax Electronics Company Case Study

Jean-Claude Mulemba: Ajax Electronics case Analysis Q: To what use would Roberts put the proceeds of the requested loan? Does Roberts need the loan to accomplish his objectives? The following excerpts from a response to credit Inquiries sent out by Mr. Clark. . . “The firm in question appears to have a good market for its products and always appear busy…Their available capital has always been small resulting in slow payments to their suppliers… From time to time we have had to ship orders on a COD basis”. By these statements and the analysis below (Exhibit 1), my suggestion to Mr. Roberts to put the money to where his company is the most inefficient with a negative impact on cash and the bottom line in general, account payable cycle. The figures below (just for the year 2012) and the benchmarks (approximation) suggests that the Company is within the average 10% to 30% sales growth. The Account receivables is within rage and more importantly the profit margins are hovering around the average for the industry average range of 25-35% at 37% for Ajax. All things being equal, Mr. Roberts should pay attention on improving accounts payable cycle

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