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Laura Plybon, PhD entered the field of research as an arts major, becoming fascinated with studies on children’s art while an undergraduate and later, when obtaining her MA in child development from Sarah Lawrence College. She went on to receive an MS and PhD in experimental developmental psychology from Virginia Commonwealth University, where her interest in childhood disabilities led to a certification in developmental disabilities from the Medical College of Virginia. Laura has spent the majority of the past 15 years in academia, where she has held the positions of tenure-track assistant professor of psychology, a visiting assistant professor of research, and most recently, director of assessment. Her unique approach to understanding statistics as a language and a visual art led to a love of statistics and resulted in an extensive knowledge of advanced statistical analyses (i.e., ANOVA/MANOVA, logistic regression, exploratory and confirmatory factor analyses, SEM), complimented by her qualitative research skill set, especially regarding the various types of phenomenological research methods. Her research interests are diverse and span the disciplines of psychology, counseling, public health, epidemiology, nursing, education, and business. She holds a special interest in the behavioral health and health promotion of ethnic minority populations; socioeconomic, ethnic, and gender disparities as they relate to education, health, and mental health; and autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) across the lifespan. She currently works as a full time consultant for The Dissertation Coach, a position that allows her to assist clients at all stages of their dissertation with compassion, humor, patience, and understanding.

Finish Your Dissertation Quickly with the Correct Coach or Consultant!

Dissertation Coaching & Consulting Service

A Goal-Focused, Results-Oriented Approach to finishing, i.e., Completing a Dissertation!

In business over 44 years, offers an innovative, proven program of intensive individual dissertation coaching, tutoring, advice, and writing services for those trying to finish a dissertation.

Complete a Dissertation Successfully

In addition to offering assistance with the research and writing of your manuscript, each dissertation coach at provides professional guidance throughout the entire process, from topic selection to successful completion of a dissertation.

The most common problem clients describe is that they receive no dissertation advisement and poor instruction at best, leaving them stranded or lost in the process.

Dissertation Coach Expertise

Our Dissertation Consulting & Coaching services will help you to:

  • Successfully complete your dissertation in the shortest time possible.<

Each coach on our staff can provide our unique completion-oriented coaching services to help you complete your dissertation by:

  • Problem-solving around topic selection.
  • Analyzing all options for methodology.
  • Defining the "problem" and hypotheses.
  • Selecting appropriate literature.
  • Establishing limitations and significance.

Our Coaching and Writing Services will help you to work cooperatively and productively with your advisor and committee by:

  • Producing the product your dissertation advisor wants.
  • Extracting specific guidance, tutoring, and feedback from your advisor.
  • Understanding your rights as a doctoral candidate.
  • Establishing realistic goals.
  • Appropriately handling meetings with your dissertation advisor.
  • Developing interpersonal and communications skills which will smooth the process.
  • Discovering your dissertation advisor's underlying assumptions, objectives and biases.
  • Making your anxiety work FOR you.
  • Becoming assertive in advocating for your project.


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