Dissertation Topics Related To Diabetes

The abundance of salt in the processed foods we eat works against us when it comes to maintaining healthy blood pressure, says Chris Smith, The Diabetic Chef. For people with diabetes, controlling blood pressure is important in preventing, delaying, and minimizing microvascular damage that affects eyes, nerves, and more.

That's why federal guidelines for daily sodium intake are under scrutiny. The recommendations are:
For the general public: 2,300 milligrams daily
For people with high blood pressure: 1,500 milligrams daily
For African-Americans: 1,500 milligrams daily
For all adults over age 50: 1,500 milligrams daily

Yet nearly all Americans exceed the recommended amounts, consuming an average of 4,000-6,000 milligrams of sodium each day. An estimated 70 percent of Americans, especially older adults and people with high blood pressure (75 percent of PWDs have high blood pressure), could lower their blood pressure by reducing their sodium intake to 1,500 milligrams each day.

"Help is on the way as food manufacturers and restaurateurs are being nudged by health organizations and activists to lower the sodium count of their foods," Smith says. Early deliberations from the 2010 Dietary Guidelines Committee (the report is expected in fall 2010) indicate a target of 1,500 milligrams daily for adults.

Action item: Cut down on processed foods, restaurant foods, and using the saltshaker. Eat more fruits, vegetables, and low-fat dairy foods, which boost your potassium count and blunt sodium's effects on blood pressure.

Try these low-sodium recipes

A Selection Of Excellent Topic Ideas For A Research Paper On Diabetes Mellitus

You will have to collect the information, digest it, and set out your thoughts in written form when composing a research paper on diabetes mellitus. The first thing you should do though is choosing an interesting and relevant topic for your study.

Worthy Research Paper Topics on Diabetes

  • An overview of the symptoms of diabetes mellitus.
  • What are the complications of diabetes mellitus and is it possible to avoid them?
  • Are lifestyle factors and genetics the only causes of diabetes?
  • An overview of the preventive measures for diabetes mellitus.
  • Could education about this disease lower diabetes rates?
  • Epidemiology of diabetes mellitus.
  • Sedentary lifestyle: the main cause of diabetes in the West?
  • On the differences between type 1 and type 2 diabetes.
  • Proximal diabetic neuropathy as the main cause of muscle wasting and weakness.
  • Stress and poor diet as the main causes of type 2 diabetes.
  • Is there a link between hearing loss and diabetes?
  • What are the lifelong risks of gestational diabetes?
  • What are the main hypoglycemia prevention strategies?
  • What kind of support do people with diabetes have?
  • How does diabetes change a person’s life?
  • On the importance of nutritional education in schools.
  • On the effects of diabetes on the socioeconomic status of the person.
  • Diabetes and metabolic syndrome.
  • On the prevention of diabetes in women.

You may also narrow down your diabetes topics a little bit to make it sound original. “Sedentary lifestyle and fast food as the main causes of rising diabetes rates in America” is a good example of a narrow topic. If you need more information or help, you can check here.

APA format is very popular for such studies, so you should carefully read its guidelines before writing. In your APA research paper on diabetes, you will have to use active voice and write with utmost clarity.

What You Should Do After You Have Chosen the Topic

Now that you have defined the aspect of diabetes you would like to discuss in writing, it’s time to do thorough research on it. Remember that you should use at least five different sources of information in your study. Two or three sources won’t be enough. Go to the medical library and ask the librarian what they have on diabetes. Search also on the web but don’t forget that many online publications (such as encyclopedia articles) are not considered credible sources.

The information gathered, set about writing your diabetes mellitus paper. Better construct an outline first so you know what points you will need to focus on when writing. The next step is writing the first draft, which should actually contain all the information you are going to include in your paper. Finally, you should carefully edit and proofread your paper, rearranging some paragraphs if needed and eliminating all mistakes.

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